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How much coffee is too much?

Four. That is the maximum number of shots of espresso I've ever had at one go. I didn't think it was too much as I regularly consumed two cups of flat white while visiting cafes. However, on one occasion, it felt different and dangerous.

I forgot the physical or emotional state I was in before I consumed those two cups of coffee but the symptoms after included heart palpitation and feeling jittery. It was the first time I encountered such effects and it didn't help that they happened without warning.

The thought that my heart would pound too hard and stop flashed briefly across my mind. It was comical and real at the same time. Imagine the headlines, "Man dies after drinking two cups of coffee." That is surely not an honorable way to die. But jokes aside, the palpitations subsided after a while and normalcy ensued.

This episode piqued my interest and I wondered if anyone died from a coffee overdose? While that is inconclusive, there were people who died from a caffeine overdose. Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee. For more details on that and other caffeine information, you can read up this article on Medical News Today. It provides valuable details on caffeine content in various products.

Tracing back to my university days, to stay awake for studies, I remember consuming coffee and energy drinks concurrently on so many occasions. I never had those palpitations then and in hindsight, it could have been so fatal! The caffeine in my body then would have been so much higher than the two cups of coffee, since energy drinks are notorious for having high dosages of caffeine.

Ever since the coffee episode, I have been warier of the amount of caffeine I consumed. I hope my little story could do the same for you. Please always be cautious of your caffeine intake over a short period of time, especially those consuming caffeine supplements, and don't ever mix coffee with energy drinks.