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You don't like natto?

When you mention natto, most people would shake their heads in disgust. That is completely understandable. It looks like a gooey mess and definitely tastes funky to the uninitiated. 

Japanese consume it as a staple of their diet and the benefits show for themselves. Natto has been widely claimed to be beneficial for gut health, bone health, and immune system, amongst others. But we would like to focus on its potential benefits for circulatory and cardiovascular health. 

Natto contains a unique enzyme, "Nattokinase", which has fibrinolytic properties (dissolve blood clots) to help promote healthy blood flow. Japanese researchers have also discovered that natto may help lower blood pressure. All these combine to reduce the risk of heart disease. 

So is there a way to enjoy the benefits of the natto without actually eating it in its natural form? Well, you're in luck. A few years back, we recognised the benefits of a natto-based supplement and came up with NattoKing. It has remained a popular product ever since.


*NattoKing contains vitamin K1, which has blood-thinning properties. Individuals on blood-thinning medication, please consult your doctor, or other qualified healthcare professional before purchasing and using any product discussed within this website.