Make health personal.

Our Story

In 2014, tragedy struck people around us. We heard and encountered so many instances of so and so succumbing to different sorts of illnesses. There's an old Chinese adage, "生老病死", which essentially means that "birth, aging, sickness and death" is a cycle which no one can avoid.

We do not deny that. However, we also believe that proper measures can be taken to enhance our health. That is why we went about producing our first two flagship products, "ALGA™" and "Natto King", which tackles a person's general wellbeing and cardiovascular health respectively.

But in 2019, we decided to go one step further. We feel that we could do more! We believe that for some, it required a total overhaul of their lifestyles and it is with this mentality that the new Vitawell would progress. In the days to come, we will begin to discuss topics on health and also start to do reviews of various health products. 

We hope to transition from a pure ecommerce website which started with Delivering Health To You, to one which encourage our customers to Make Health Personal.