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Nattokinase is a unique enzyme found in Natto (fermented soybeans). It has “fibrinolytic” properties which help to promote healthy blood flow. Such properties are measured in “fibrinolytic units” (FU). NattoKing delivers 20,000 FU of activity per capsule which improves our circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

Main Ingredients : Nattokinase Extract 20,000 FU, Red Rice Yeast Powder Extract, Chlorella CGF Extract, PPARs Extract. NO preservatives or additives.

Recommended Intake: 1-2 capsule/day. Consult your physician before use if you are on medication. Suitable for vegetarian.

  • Helps to normalize blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy blood flow & circulation
  • Keeps blood vessels clean
  • Helps in preventing the formation of blood clots
  • Assists in natural dissolution of existing blood clots
  • Maintains healthy blood cholesterol levels
  • Protects against conditions caused by blood clots such as stroke and heart attack

纳豆在发酵过程中产生一种具有纤溶活性的纳豆激酶,服用后可促进血液循环。每颗纳豆之王胶囊提供 20,000 FU (纤溶单位),有助于强化心血管系统。

主要成分:纳豆激酶萃取 20,000 FU,红曲米萃取,绿藻萃取生长因子,PPARs 萃取。不含防腐剂及添加剂。

服用效法:每日 1-2 颗。如果您在服用处方药,请咨询您的医生。适合素食者。


  • 有助于调节血压
  • 促进血液循环
  • 保持血管畅通
  • 预防血栓的形成
  • 溶解血栓血块
  • 维持健康胆固醇水平
  • 有效预防血栓类疾病,如中风及心脏病等